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Hand made,
fresh every day.

Collect points on purchases of food and drink at That Doughnut Place.

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Eat doughnuts to earn doughnuts!


About Us

That Doughnut Place is a family-owned, artisan doughnut shop. We focus on small-batch, craft doughnuts, using high quality ingredients and making everything in house from scratch, cooked fresh each day. We've poured our hearts into creating our original recipe doughnuts that not only look great, but deliver a flavour and texture to match. Consumed by our passion and drive, our mission is to be the UK's best doughnut place.

Passion for the doughnz...

A lot of heart and passion goes into what we do here at That Doughnut Place. We're passionate about getting creative when it comes to yummy flavours and new ideas!

Really good doughnuts...

We've perfected our original recipes to create doughnuts that we're confident in saying, are simply the best - better than all the rest. 

Each doughnut is hand made, cooked and decorated fresh on the day you get it!


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