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Celebration Doughnuts


Our giant celebration doughnuts are perfect for any occasion and each feeds between 14-16 people.

Pricing: £55+

Personalise your creation with a custom message.


Vanilla frosting as standard.

Custom flavouring is available upon request


Pickup & Delivery 

Pickup is free from That Doughnut Place, Glynneath

Delivery is subject to availability.

(+£15 within a 20 mile radius)
Please note that when submitting your enquiry, some colour options might not be available. 


Submit An Enquiry

Is your order for pickup or delivery?

Please note that delivery is subject to availability and is currently only available to customers within 20 miles.

Select an option

Please note that some colour themes may not be possible in the cases where particular flavours are requested. 

Are there any additional customisations that you would like to make?

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