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New Doughnut at The Greenroom, Swansea

It's only been a few weeks since we started supplying That Doughnut Place doughnuts to The Greenroom in Swansea, and they just keep selling out!

Every week, we send over more, and every week they're sold out within a couple of hours. If you plan on visiting them, make sure that you get there early.

Moving on...

The Greenroom asked if we could do them their own signature doughnut, exclusive to them. So, we put on our 'thinking caps' and got to work.

We wanted to give them a flavour that looked and tasted great, matching the vibe of their incredible new venue.

Obviously it had to feature something green, it had to be classy, and just like every other doughnut that we make, it had to taste amazing! We could lie and tell you that it took us weeks of R&D, testing and tweaking... but truthfully, it didn't take us long and we nailed it on the first attempt!

Heavy is the head that wears the Doughnut Crown.

Introducing our White Chocolate and Pistachio doughnut, exclusive to The Greenroom.

It's our locally famous original recipe raised doughnut with white chocolate icing, filled with liquid pistachio chocolate and topped with salted pistachios.

It's good. Like, really good.

Get yourself down the The Green Room Bar & Kitchen every Saturday and grab yourself a doughnut, or two!

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