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That Doughnut Place at The Greenroom, Swansea

TLDR: You can now get your That Doughnut Place fix from The Greenroom Bar & Kitchen in Swansea!

Five years after construction first started on the £135m Copr Bay leisure district, the doors to Swansea's new arena are finally opening to the public.

More importantly, our friends at The Secret Hospitality Group have also opened the doors to The Greenroom Bar & Kitchen, which takes its name from the place actors and performers go backstage at a theatre or arena to relax, socialise or have something to eat and drink.

Their aim at The Greenroom is to be as sustainable as possible, which is something they are already very passionate about - you'll know this if you have ever visited their other beachfront venue, The Secret. The Greenroom is also passionate about stocking products from local suppliers, reducing their carbon footprint and supporting local businesses. And on that note, we're pleased to announce That Doughnut Place will be supplying our fresh, handmade doughnuts to The Greenroom, every week.

This is an exciting development for us as we grow and expand our footprint across South Wales and make our products more accessible to our customers and the customers of our partners. The flavours available at The Greenroom will be limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. For our full range of flavours and products, come and visit us at our bakery/cafe. You can ever preorder here.

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